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Club Rules - General...

1 - Title

That this club be called the: "Heaton and District Model Power Boat Club”

2 - Object

The bringing together of those interested in the construction and manipulation of model power boats and in such kindred subjects; the reading of papers and the discussion of topics relating to model marine matters and generally increasing the knowledge of members by mutual assistance.

3 - Meetings

A Business meeting of all members to be held in the Boathouse on the first Wednesday of each month and the Annual General Meeting to be held on the first Wednesday of October.

All members, including juniors, to have Voting rights at each A.G.M.

During the winter months meetings to be held on each Wednesday and Saturday evenings to further the objects laid down in section 2.

4 - Membership

There are to be 3 categories of membership:

Junior: (Over 12 years and under 16 years of age at the date of the AGM),

Adult: (Over 16 years and under the current UK government age of retirement at the date of the AGM),

Senior: (Over the current UK government age of retirement at the date of the AGM),

From October 2017 no new honorary members will be created. All existing honorary members continue on their existing terms and conditions for the duration of their membership.

New members to be considered for election on receipt of an application in writing at any monthly business meeting if proposed and seconded by two existing members. The age limit may be waived at the discretion of the meeting.

To be elected, a new member must receive greater than 50% of the votes of all the members present at the meeting voting in his/her favour.

Note: Whilst all individual club members have a common duty to take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of other members, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of all members below the age of 16 to ensure their safety and welfare at all times. It is a condition of membership that any junior who is permitted to join below the minimum age of 12 years of age must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian or person appointed by the parent or guardian at all times whilst attending club activities.

Any existing member who ceases to be acceptable to their fellow members for any reason shall be expelled by not less than a two-thirds majority vote to that effect at any monthly business meeting and their name and number withdrawn from the M.P.B.A. list where applicable.

Before a monthly business meeting can vote on the expulsion of a member, the member concerned must be informed in writing that a motion for their expulsion under rule 4 may be placed on the agenda of a forthcoming business meeting.

Any member wishing to be affiliated to the M.P.B.A. (Model Power Boat Association), should inform the Treasurer or Secretary and upon payment of the required fees, that member will be affiliated.

5 - Officials

The Club may elect an Honorary President, the position being held for life.

At each A.G.M. the following officials shall be elected: -





Two Auditors,

Tea Steward

A Section Leader for each of the following activities:,

Straight Running,

Radio Control,

Tethered Hydroplanes.

These positions are all subject to annual re-election.

The Noise Committee will consist of the Chairman, Secretary and One Other.

The Locker Committee will consist of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

The Noise Committee shall be advisory only, reporting as necessary to a Monthly Business meeting for decision and ratification.

The Locker committee has powers under Rule 7 and will report all actions taken to the next Monthly Business Meeting.

Three Boiler Testers will also be elected to carry out safety tests on all pressure vessels, (Boilers, Blowlamp containers, etc.).

The Position of Boiler Tester will not normally be subject to annual re-election.

6 - Subscriptions

The annual subscription shall be laid down at each A.G.M. any member joining during the course of the year shall pay a proportion of the annual subscription according to the number of months remaining before the A.G.M.

Any member who has not paid their subscriptions by the 30th of November following the AGM at which the subscription became due to have their membership suspended. If the arrears are not paid by the 31st December then the member will be immediately struck off the books.

Any former member who applies to rejoin may be required to pay their previous years subscriptions as decided at a Monthly Business meeting.

7- Lockers

Any member may apply to the locker committee for the use of a locker subject to availability. Lockers are rented from the club on an annual basis and the rental is charged based on two sizes, “small” being defined as any locker under 5 feet in length, and “large”, being any locker of 5 foot and over in length. The rental for each size of locker shall be set down at each AGM for the year.

Once a member has taken up paid tenancy of a locker then both the locker and the key becomes their responsibility. Access to any tenanted locker during the tenancy can only be by the tenant or a member of the locker committee where express permission to enter has been given by the tenant either verbally in person, by email, by letter or by phone.

Any member who has not paid their locker/s rental by the 30th of November following the AGM at which the rental became due to receive a reminder letter by recorded delivery from the Treasurer stating that they have 30 days in which to either clear their locker and return the key/s to the Treasurer, or pay in full their outstanding arrears, (this to include any subscription arrears). If no response is received within 30 days then the locker will be opened on the 31st December in the presence of 2 Club elected officials and the contents moved to open storage within the Boathouse. The Club does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to property how so ever caused.

Any former member who applies to rejoin may be required to pay their previous years locker rent as decided at a Monthly Business meeting.

8 - Use of the Boathouse

Any senior member who is also a current locker holder may apply to the Treasurer for a Boathouse Key and if granted at a Business Meeting will pay a deposit, refundable when the key is returned. Should a key holder stop renting a locker or cease their membership then the key is to be returned to the Treasurer and a refund obtained.

No junior member is permitted to have a Boathouse key, whether or not they are a locker holder. Junior members are not allowed in the Boathouse unless a senior member is present.

It is the responsibility of all members to ensure the security of the Boathouse and its contents at all times through the diligent use of locks and security devices.

9 - Insurance

On payment of their subscriptions all Club members shall be covered against third party claims whilst attending the Club and taking part in Club activities.

In the event of a claim, or possibility of a claim, the Treasurer should be informed as soon as possible and full details (where known) given.

Details of the insurance policy are available upon request from the Treasurer.

10 - Miscellaneous

RC Frequencies – There are only four bands available for model boat use:- 27 Mhz; 40 Mhz; UHF band (459 Mhz) and 2.4 GHz, no other frequencies will be allowed. On no account may 35 Mhz be used. This band is reserved solely for use of aero modelers and it's use for surface craft is illegal, no model operating on this frequency will be allowed to take part in any club activity.

The maximum noise limit for any boat is 80dba when measured using an approved instrument at a distance from the boat.

This revision dated 9th October 2017