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Rules - Hydroplanes

Hydroplane Classes

A1 1.2 kg - Waterscrew up to 3.5cc. Straight fuel.
A1E 1.2 kg - Electric - Max 42V
A2 2.0kg - 3.5cc to 7.5cc Straight fuel
A3 2.5kg - 7.5cc to 10cc Straight fuel
B1 0.75kg - 2.5cc airscrew Straight fuel 5.0mm max exhaust dia
B1E 0.75kg - Electric airscrew, max 42v
SPORT 40 4.0lbs - 6.5cc side exhaust 2-stroke. 10cc 4-stroke . Commercial components Free fuel
SPORT E 4.0lbs - 6 cell 22.5v electric
B1 SPORT 2.0lbs - £90 limit on motor, 5mm exhaust outlet, commercial propellers. Free fuel
B CLASS 8.0lbs - Up to 15cc homebuilt engines. Free fuel
B/S CLASS 9.0lbs - Steam powered, all up weight not to exceed 9lbs.
A CLASS 16.0lbs - Up to 30cc homebuilt engines. Free fuel
A/S CLASS 16.0lbs - Steam powered, all up weight not to exceed 16lbs.
B/R 6.0lbs - Commercial engines up to 15cc. Free fuel
  ** All waterscrew boats must have effective silencers fitted **
  Due to the physical limitations of Paddy Freemans Lake, no Hydroplane sailing is permitted at this time
  An up to date set of Rules are currently unavailable.